Brad is new age energy worker dedicated to helping others with their own personal growth and development. As a full-mesa carrying Shaman and Reiki practitioner, Brad is empowered to bring balance and light heartedness to those within the community.  As a 'Way Show-er'  and "Seer" Brad is gifted with very powerful abilities to transcend into the supernatural realms and dimensions in order to assist those who feel lost and disconnected.      

For Brad, energy work is intriguing and the enlightenment process never-ending. As a "Wisdom Keeper", Brad is committed to keeping 'The Ancient Healing Wisdom' alive while using it to bring non-suffrage  and peace to the planet.  With a great appreciation for the outdoors Brad is spiritually connected to the natural energies of Mother Earth including the liveliness and enchantment of the 'Stone People; the Plant People; the Four Legged; the Two-Legged and Creepy Crawlers; the Finned; the Furred and the Winged Ones,'  all who communicate with Brad in their own very unique language and energy.  

On planet Earth
life as we know it evolves; yet, Brad believes there are many people within the community who have become isolated within the energy realm around us, whose souls have become waning and listless, caught up in things which distract from sentient Earth. Because of this Brad has made it part of his mission to use his innate powers as an "Earth-Keeper" to bring balance, peace and bearing to those in need.  

During the past thirty seven years Brad has sailed the high seas as a United States Naval Officer during America's 'Cold War',  brought recycling 'Green'ness to Regional Distribution Centers for one of America's leading retailers and became an expert at selling brand named micro computers for various technology firms across Corporate America.  

In 2011, Brad started his own company called CompuVet Computer Solutions, http://www.computerveteran.com/, which assists US Military Veteran's and US Wounded Warriors throughout Florida with their educational computer needs.  

Brad is a graduate from the University of Florida where he received his Bachelors of Science in Mathematics and received training in UCSD Pascal Computer Programming. He also studied the Spanish Language, Florida History, US Military History and African Anthropology. Brad received his Shamanic Training at Mountain Mystery School in Saluda, NC and his Reiki Training from Caring Palms Massage and Reiki in Neptune Beach, Florida as well as Sacred Spirit, LLC in Jacksonville, Florida.  He was raised in a Christian family and shares an appreciation for all faith groups around the world. Brad has been involved in the Boys Scouts of America for over 31 years, both as a Scout and as a Volunteer Youth Development Leader.  




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