What is Energy Work?

Energy work uses techniques originating from ancient traditions and recent discoveries to manipulate the bioenergy of an individual with the goal of restoring harmony or removing blockages from within the body.

If you are new to energy work you are going to run across terms such as the Earth's Crystalline Grid; the Higher Realms; Gaia or Mother Earth; and the Star Nations.  You are going to encounter practitioners who work with astrology and the energies of the cosmos; stone healers who work with crystals;  channelers and seers who deliver messages from the other side of the veil; and sound activationists who bring healing through acoustics.  You will encounter reiki masters, yoga, qi gong,  tai chi and prana instructors, acupuncturists and DNA healers.  The list goes on and on.

The bottom line, in whatever shape or form you encounter this new age consciousness, energy work is all about people helping one another work through their own spiritual alchemy.

At Ancient Rose we are shamanistically suitable to do just that. 









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