Shamanism is used to restore balance and healing to both people and the planet we live in. The practice of shamanism involves shamanic practitioners making journeys or soul-flights to other realities in order to bring back advice, help or soul-parts for the individual or community. As such, a shaman acts as a medium through which help is channelled.

The practice of shamanism is derived from ancient teachings and is practised throughout the five continents of the planet. Although ancient, its practice is also contemporary, surviving in areas such as Tibet, North & South America and within various African tribes.

Shamanism is an art that has not changed in any quantifiable way for a millenia and is not bound to any particular form of spirituality. It is grounded on the principle that the visible world is saturated with unseen forces that influence the lives of human beings--whether emotional, physical, or spiritual.

The word shaman literally means "he or she who knows". The Sumerian definition has it meaning "One who takes flight, like an eagle."

For tens of thousands of years, certain men and women have felt called to heal the sick, safeguard knowledge, and help those who have lost their way or those who are being attacked. They also commune with the spirit world on behalf of their family, their community and the planet. 


Luminous Energy Field: When a shaman performs energy work, he or she works with a person's Light Body, or Luminous Energy Field (LEF). The LEF is an invisible matrix that surrounds and permeates our physical, mental and spiritual bodies and holds the blueprint of every event we have experienced in any lifetime. Unresolved psychological and spiritual traumas become engraved or embedded in our LEF’s.

These "scratches", or “imprints” contain information which inform the chakras, which then organize and inform our physical and emotional world. If left unchecked, certain "imprints" in our LEF can cause us to become out of balance with ourselves, the environment and others around us.

                                                Our Light Body or Luminous Energy Field (LEF)



Chakras: Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means "wheel". A chakra is a wheel-like spinning vortex that whirls in a circular motion forming a vacuum in the center that draws in anything it encounters. Chakra's are like screws which hold our LEF to our bodies. On the physical level each chakra governs a main organ or gland, which is then connected to other body parts that resonate at the same frequency. When a shaman works within a chakra the intentions can be very powerful and life-changing.

'Root Chakra'

The most traditional Chakra System in use today is the Seven (7) Chakra Model where each chakra center is represented by a color frequency of the rainbow and a human gland. (See Below)   

The Chakra Body (Male)


A Shaman's View of Illness: Shamans differ from the western model of illness for they know all disease has a spiritual origin & that illness is manifested through the 'subtle' body, such as the Light Body/LEF; our emotions; our thoughts; and lastly the physical body. 

A shaman also understands that the LEF contains an archive of all personal and ancestral memories and that these 'imprints' are stored in full color and intensity of emotion. Some of these 'imprints' can be early life trauma or painful wounds from past lifetimes. The 'imprints' are like a dormant computer program until they are activated, and once they are set in motion they compel us toward behaviors, or relationships, or woundings. So, our personal history does indeed repeat itself.

It's important to realize that 'imprints' oblige us to certain behaviors and to re-create dramas until we ultimately heal the ancient wounds. A shaman will utilize various processes to help a client erase these 'imprints' that are causing the illness so the immune system can rapidly eradicate the disease and begin the healing process. When there is no 'imprint' for disease, we heal rapidly.

(Please understand that shaman are energy workers and are not medical professionals and do not diagnose medical conditions. If you have health concerns, please consult your health care professional.)

                               THE ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE

Universal Connectedness, the 'Texemuyo': According to the Q'ero people of Peru and the ancient knowledge handed down from the Inca, we are all connected to the luminous matrix of the Universe known as the 'texemuyo' or all-pervading web of all creation. Many people, however, are now disconnected from the 'texemuyo' and are suffering from chronic fatigue. People suffering with this ailment require vital reconnection to the natural grid as part of their healing.

                                             Artwork by Dorothy Bunny Bown. www.db-bowen.com

Light vs. Heavy Energy: The Q'ero also believe that all of nature and the cosmos are alive with vibrating fields of pure energy. This living energy, or energy of creation, is called 'kawsay'. Within this realm of pure energy, or 'kawsay pacha', there are basically two forms of energy: Light Energy, or 'Sami', and Heavy Energy, or 'Hucha' (Hoocha). As a person engages the 'kawsay pacha' there is an exchange of energy that takes place through one's energy field, called the 'Poq'po' (poke poe).  It is here that 'Hucha' can unknowingly introduce itself and, if left unchecked, can subconciously raise havoc and lower a person's vibration or outlook on life.

The 'Poq'po' can be thought of as the 'Light Body' or 'Luminous Energy Field' (LEF) such as that described above. However, the Q'ero 'Poq'po' System (see below)  is a bit different mainly in the number of chakra's a shaman works with. In both models, the two-way flow of heavy and light energy is very similar and whether an energy worker is using Chumpi Stones or Kuyah's, the intention is all the same...to shed that which no longer serves you (Hucha), and to replace it with Light or Luminous Energy (Sami).  

                            (At Ancient Rose, we utilize the Traditional Chakra System when Illuminating clients.)

'Munay' and 'Ayni': When a shaman performs with a client he or she works with the intention and energetic focus of creating wholeness, in Munay and Ayni...just like the Q'ero. 'Munay' is the unqualified love for all that is. 'Ayni' is the power of right relationship; of reciprocity, of all that is. In begetting this wholeness to ones self or others, a shaman uses the 'power of intention' to shed that which no longer serves a client in an effort to bring healing to all that is.

To learn more about the Ancient Knowledge of the Q'ero & Inca we encourage you to read, "Keepers of the Ancient Knowledge" by Joan Parisi Wilcox (See Website Reference Materials).




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