Lightworkers, Star Seeds and Spiritual Seekers

We are living in an exciting time on our planet. A time that has been prophesized by the indigenous peoples of the Americas, the Hopi, the Maya and the Inca. These ancient stories tell of a new age and a "new human" that will awaken and will create a new earth; a golden age of peace, joy and abundance. People are awakening and remembering that our true nature is that of spirit (energy) and the bodies into which we incarnate are tools we use while on the planet. In order to create a new humanity we at Ancient Rose recognize that it is necessary to let go and transform  belief systems that only serve to keep one stuck in an energy of lack, fear and self-devaluation.

You will find within our website information about Illuminations, Soul Retrievals, Divination Retrievals, Munay-Ki Rites, Energy Clearing, and Shaman Training, as well as, other services we offer. Brad and Priscilla are both Full Mesa Carrying Shaman, energy healers and trained Reiki practitioners.  In addition,
Priscilla is a board certified Chaplain with extensive experience in Pastoral Care, Counseling and Spiritual Direction that can assist you in discerning your spiritual path.

It is the mission of Ancient Rose to offer a path of illumination that comes to us via the Q'ero and Laika people of the high Andes; the keepers of the sacred wisdom who held safe for centuries the knowledge that will assist humanity in this evolutionary process.  We acknowledge our Shaman mentors, Paul and Ahni Atkins, founders of  The Mountain Mystery School (
www.mountainmysteryschool.com ), who trained with the Four Winds Society; and Alberto Villoldo, founder of the Four Winds Society (www.thefourwinds.com).

 Thank you for visiting our site and let us know how we can help you.  


"The session [Illumination] you two did was outstanding, sort of out of this world cool...it is having profound effects on me. I am stunned by the volume of insights coming in, in rapid fire succession...the insights are coming on fast and brilliantly...thank you for making my dreams come true, it means the world to me."

                                                                                                                   --Hillary D. , Wellington, FL

"I have continued to function from a deeper level after the removal of blockages in my heart and third eye chakras. Certainly there is a clarity that has stayed with me since that experience. The things I was able to release and accept have become inspiring tools for me to use in my life as I move through a grief journey and into new frontiers of experience. I am profoundly grateful for your presence and gifts in my life, and the light you both bring into this world."

--Lynn C., Jacksonville, FL

“The session with Brad and Priscilla brought forth amazing energy and helped shed a bright light on corners of my journey that had long been lost in the shadows of the past. I’m grateful for the love and guidance that they both provided as I was able to reconcile old patterns of behavior and to consciously choose a new path that is illuminated by an ability to love others. Many thanks to both Brad and Priscilla.”

                                                                                                            --Bill D., Jacksonville, FL

“Priscilla and Brad are a dynamic couple who possess strong shamanic instincts and skills.  Their hearts and intentions are for the highest good for all with whom they work.  They are intelligent, organized, compassionate people.  It is a pleasure to endorse their shamanic work and teachings.”  

                                                                                                        --Ahni Atkins, Ph.D. Ed.D, Teacher, Shaman, Psychic Medium and Author of "The God Magic Within You" & "The Message"






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